Artist’s Statement

How It All Began.

Glass became my medium of choice over 25-30 years ago.  The incredible  variations of color, texture, and density within glass sheets selections available awakened a passion in me.  This enthusiasm for glass inspired me to design pieces depicting nature and form in realistic and abstract composition.

While I’ve permanently installed decorative windows that transformed clear panes of glass into explosions of color, many of my earlier pieces were panels that could be free hung in windows, on walls, and serve as wall dividers. I found my numerous residences in the U.S. and throughout the Far East over the years could always accommodate more mobile panels and windows.  The environments and different cultures ultimately inspired my open minded, innovative, approach to form and function and are reflected in my works.

More recent creations incorporate natural and colored Brazilian agate slices into three dimensional vessels to include vases, planters, and candle votives.  These pieces add a contemporary accent to any room or venue. While the use of natural elements like Brazilian agates pair well with abstract design I still enjoy exploring nature and  floral  themes with more realistic interpretations.