My Creative Process


creativeProcessTransforming sheet glass into works of art is a creative process that is both invigorating and exciting to me. It is also quite time consuming and exacting. No two pieces of my work are alike – all are unique and vary with individual nuances of stone, glass, and color. They reflect the personality of the individual while enhancing the environment with contemporary options.

There are a number of required steps in the completion of my projects. All of my pieces are constructed with copper foil and lead solder. Custom patterns are drawn and glass is chosen to best compliment the design and the project intent. Pattern pieces are then cut, ground smooth, and wrapped with varying widths of copper foil. After the foil is burnished flat, lead solder is applied to all foiled surfaces. Cleaned solder surfaces are then treated with patinas that chemically alter the color to a copper or black tint.

Orders placed specifying particular colors or design characteristics may vary slightly from those displayed on my website. Photo images of available sheet glass and geodes will always be made available electronically upon request prior to the start of the design process.